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As former DVSA employees we have over 40 years experience in DVSA’s disciplinary system.  We can help you avoid disciplinary action with preventative visits carried out by former VOSA Vehicle Examiners and our former Area and Investigations Manager can provide quality representations in the following situations:

Disciplinary actions procedures

  • Cessation of MOT Authorisation to examine motor vehicles Authorised Examiner (AE)
  • Cessation of MOT approval to test motor vehicles Nominated Tester (NT)
  • Support at DVSA formal interviews given under caution
  • Appeals to the Secretary of State for Transport against any DVSA cessation of authorisation to examine or approval to test motor vehicles

For information regarding membership and our services, or any matter regarding MOT testing procedures, scheme administration and DVSA Enforcement disciplinary procedures, please email MVC Scotland or call any of the numbers provided. We will be pleased to speak to you and give you our best attention at all times.


For less than the price of just one MOT per month, membership with MVC will entitle you to the following benefits in Scotland:

  • Unlimited written representations to DVSA in defense of any disciplinary action
  • We provide unlimited written appeal representations to the Secretary of State for Transport, against cessation of MOT authorisation or approval to test motor vehicles.
  • Unlimited advice when DVSA conduct an Inverted Appeal (VT20) or Statutory Appeal (VT30) re-examination of a vehicle previously tested at your VTS.
  • Annual VTS MOT Inspection Check and Risk Based Assessment report to help assure full compliance with DVSA requirements regarding the operation and administration of the MOT Testing Scheme.  Our report and advice during the visit will assist you in reducing your current risk score, under the DVSA Targeted Risk Based Enforcement Policy (Red Amber Green), and the Best Practice Guide.
  • Regular MOT update E-bulletins and newsletters to keep you informed and up to date with MOT matters and DVSA MOT enforcement activities.
  • Checklists to assist your compliance with DVSA requirements regarding the operation and administration of the MOT Testing Scheme, together with their Best Practice Guide and Targeted Risk Based Enforcement Policy.
  • We provide MOT legal and technical helpline to help you with any MOT problem.
  • We provide assistance should you wish to change your current AE legal business entity.

We believe that prevention is better than cure when it comes to DVSA’s disciplinary procedures.  By providing AE’s and NT’s with continuous support and advice on all aspects of MOT testing we can help you achieve full compliance with DVSA’s requirements thereby avoiding their formal disciplinary procedures, which could lead to the cessation of your MOT authorization to examine motor vehicles or your approval to test them.

The company was formed in 2009 by former VOSA employees to assist MOT garages, HGV and PSV operators meet DVSA’s standards.  Our aim is to help you to reduce your compliance risk score. The directing board formed the main key aims.  MVC Scotland can also assist in implementing taxi testing standards in the UK.

Company Aims

We aim to provide support to MOT garages, HGV & PSV Operators to help them achieve or exceed the required legislative standards in a cost effective manner.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Annual liaison visits to check standards and provide quality advice to MOT AE’s and Tester’s
  • Annual visits to HGV & PSV operators to check standards and provide them with quality advice
  • Provide high quality support to AE’s & testers through DVSA disciplinary procedures
  • Provide high quality support to HGV & PSV operators at Public Inquiries
  • Provide training to help operators achieve or exceed the minimum required standards
  • Provide audit timing checks on bus routes and provide advice on operation.

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