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MOT Service Standards

General Service

  • We promise to deliver one risk based visit within the annual period
  • The annual visit will cover all points DVSA consider during their sit assessment
  • We promise to discuss the findings of the visit with a responsible person
  • We promise to provide a summary report on the day
  • Where a Quality Control (QC) is part of the service, we promise to carry out one check per period (or more if contracted)
  • We promise to discuss the QC findings with the tester and a responsible person
  • We promise to give you quality advice on any DVSA testing matter
  • We promise to answer calls or ring back within 24 hours
  • We promise to answer emails within 24 hours


Service during VOSA Disciplinary Cases

  • We promise to deal with any DVSA disciplinary case within the required DVSA timescales if we are provided with the DVSA documents within 5 days of their issue
  • Where documents are not provided within timescales we promise to apply for time extensions from DVSA
  • We promise to discuss your disciplinary case with you prior to drafting replies
  • We promise to properly represent your views in disciplinary cases
  • We promise to give advice based on our experience at all times
  • We promise to give you opportunity to proof read any repliesprior to us submitting them to DVSA
  • We promise to draft and submit any assurances required byDVOSA within their timescales after giving you the opportunity to proof read them

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